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   Photo Parade Presentations!


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So- Here it is, our very first of many presentations :

The Ride

Here are a couple of pictures from 'The Ride' presentation. If you want to see more- Well, you'll just have to see the presentation! Please be patient while it loads- Enjoy!


  Line Mountain- 2004!

(Click on pic to enlarge)


For Line Mountain 2001 & 2002 Pictures, click here:


     THE VW STORE'S "Drag-Buggy" 

Maple Grove Raceway 2001 

Driver: Chuck Schneider

The Drag Buggy- After some major changes:




Stalker Chassis / 1700engine, 091 Bus Trans, powder-coated- Metallic Blue. VW Store 2 x 3 Rear arms, VW Store 4" widened front beam, Fox shocks (front & rear), CNC pedal assembly, completed March 2004... Owner: Ray

View Stalker Buggy Assembly Pictures


Warrior Chassis / 2275 engine, 091 Bus Trans, powder-coated- Metallic Green. completed Spring 2003... Owner: Terry


Warrior Chassis / 1600 Engine, 002 Bus Trans, powder-coated- Kawasaki Green. completed September 2003...Owner: Chris


View Warrior Buggy Assembly Pictures


Cruiser 4X / 1600 Dual Port Engine, 74 Bug Trans, powder coated- Bright yellow. Completed November 2003... Owner: Tim



View Cruiser 4X Buggy Assembly Pictures



"Mike's Buggy"





"Philip's Pride & Joy"





"Tony's Baby!"



"Malcolm's Freshly Rebuilt Off Road Buggy"




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   Test your reaction time at the 'drag tree!' Link HERE:

   Here's cool links to info. on NASA's official Moon Buggy,

 " The Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle "



Thursday's Classroom- lesson plans and educational activities from NASA



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Dune Buggies at rest... a rare sight! :)



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