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On The Road To VW Wolfsburg



In July 2001, we traveled to Germany. One of the highlights of the trip was to tour the VW Autostadt Museum and factory in Wolfsburg. It was truly amazing, informative and fun. Volkswagen also offered plenty of educational and interactive displays for the kids too. We were impressed, and we guarantee you would be too, so enjoy the pictures!

VW Autostadt Wolfsburg

VW Autostadt Wolfsburg

VW Autostadt Wolfsburg

These glass towers are filled with Volkswagens and Audis ready for purchase from the VW factory

This is the Lamborghini building. What's really cool about this display (notice the car on the outside of the building) is the car rotates between the outside and inside of the building... One minute you see it, the next minute you don't!

Inside Autostadt

This is the original sketch of the very first VW Bus design!

VW Hebmuller

VW Bug loading from the ship display

Auto Union Racer, dated from the 1930's. This car can go top speed of 200 mph!

Auto Union Racer

The engine from the Auto Union Racer. This engine powered the car up to 200 mph!

Interior of the Auto Union Racer

Vintage VW Bug- a beauty!

An early VW Pick-up.

An early VW Pick-up. This one is interactive- Try loading the cargo!

World Rally Cup Racer

VW life-sizeWooden car display.

Messer Schmidt Mini Cars

VW Prototype

VW Prototype

1950 VW Split Bug

1950 VW Split Bug

Beach Buggy

This is an awesome display. It features a VW New Beetle, cut in half. It rises from the floor and rotates. Check it out!

VW New Beetle display- cool!

VW New Beetle display- sweet!

One millionth VW Beetle!

One millionth VW Beetle!

Early VW Split Window Bug

VW 23 Window Bus

VW 23 Window Bus, Interior

Early VW Panel Van

Vintage VW Toys display

VW Cut-Away Engine

Vintage VW parts- know what's in this display?

Inside pavillion, VW Autostadt.

More vintage VW parts

Even more VW diplays!

This is the first motorized vehicle- the Benz Tricycle!

There's a really neat Panoramic theater at VW Autostadt!

If you want more pictures, you'll have to travel to Germany and tour the VW factory yourself! In fact, we recommend it! :)


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