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I want to put  an IRS Bus transaxle in a Bug IRS rear suspension. What do I need to modify or replace (cv joints, axles, etc.)? I believe the Bus is a 68 or 69 and the Bug is around the same age.

A: You would need a Bug to Bus adapter mount kit and Bus to Bug adapter axles. You can run the Sedan outer cv and a Bus inner cv, or you can upgrade to Type-2 pattern stub axles and run Bus inner and outer cvs.
Q: I have a buggy on a 75 VW chassis and motor(1600 dual port). I would like to install a dual carb setup on my buggy. Someone told me that the cam would have to be upgraded also. Is this true? Are there any other engine parts that would have to be upgraded to handle the dual carb setup?
A: The cam does not have to be upgraded. The dual carbs will work fine with the stock engine. Kadrons or small Webers would be best. Some options you can upgrade would be ignition, 1.25 rockers, header system.
Q: I have a 65 Baja Bug. I had replaced the 6 volt generator with a 12 volt alternator, Bosch with internal regulator and I need to know how to wire the alternator correctly B+ & D+ ?
A: The B+ gets 12v power from the battery. If you have 2 red wires that went to the regulator, you can connect both onto the alt B+ stud.  The blue or green wire that goes to the generator light gets hooked to the push on connection on the alternator.


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